Chinese textbooks

Chinese Proficiency Test

HSK, an international standardized test of Chinese language proficiency,assesses non-native Chinese speakers’ abilities in using Chinese in their daily, academic and professional lives.

New HSK 2022

New HSK 2022 vocabulary 1-9

Zhong wen 中文

Vocabulary for Grades 1 to 6 of primary school of Zhong wen.

Yu Wen

A set of standard Chinese textbook for the students from primary school and middle school, which includes dialogues, myths, stories, and the introduction to Chinese culture. This book is oriented to Chinese children abroad or Chinese descent.

Easy Steps to Chinese

The series is to help students establish a solid foundation of vocabulary, knowledge of Chinese and communication skills through the natural and gradual integration of language.

Higher Chinese for Primary School

A set of Chinese textbooks for primary schools published in Singapore. It is suitable for Chinese primary school students in Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand and other countries.

New Practical Chinese Reader

The series is for Native English speakers or those who use English as second language to learn Chinese more effectively.

Youth Chinese Test

An international standardized test of Chinese language proficiency, assesses the primary and middle school students' abilities to use Chinese as second language in their daily and academic lives.

Short-term Spoken Chinese

It is a series of textbooks for short-term foreign students,sportsman,businessman and others in China, focusing on cultivating students' oral communication skills.

Developing Chinese

It is a set of nationally planned textbook for higher education during the “Eleventh Five-Year”.

HanYu Jiaocheng

A series of Chinese Textbooks based on the teaching of phonetics, grammar, words, characters and other language elements, aims to help users improve speech skills and cultivate their ability of social communication in Chinese.

Conversational Chinese 301

A crash course for foreigners who are beginning to learn Chinese.It has 48 lessons,30 communicative function items such as "greetings" and "acquaintance", about 800 new words and basic Chinese grammar.

BCT Standard Course

It is mainly for business Chinese learners.Those who have completed the course and passed the business Chinese course examination can obtain the business Chinese course learning certificate issued by the national Hanban.

MCT Medical Chinese Test

MCT 1500 words.

Chinese Made Easy

6 textbooks for midlle school students study Chinese easily.


Easy textbook for the middle school students.