Measure Word

What's the measure word?

It is used to describe the noun. For example, 一块蛋糕(a piece of cake), "块" is the measure word for cake.

There are more than 160 measure words in Chinese. Most of them can be collocated with most nouns.

How to match the noun and the measure word?
1、We match them based on the features of the things. For example,

For thin and long things, we often use "条", such as

一条鱼 a fish

一条河 a river

一条路 a road

For the things which has a plan or can be extended, we often use “张”, such as

一张纸 a piece of paper

一张床 a bed

一张照片 a photo

For large and fixed things, we can use “座”, such as,

一座山 a mountain

一座桥 a bridge

一座楼 a building

2、We can use the container to describe the noun. The common containers are “碗”, “杯”, “房间”. For example,

一碗饭 a bowl of rice

一杯水 a cup of water

一房间书 a room of books

3、The measurement unit also can be used to describe the number of things. For example,

一升水 a liter of water

一公斤苹果 a kilo of apples

一公里路 a kilometer of road