All about Chinese Characters

Basic Cognition of Chinese Strokes

Most learners feel that Chinese characters have complex structures, but if they are disintegrated, some basic strokes-the minimum components, will be exposed.
Basic Strokes


Horizontally from left to right.


Verticallly from top to bottom.


Falling leftwards with a slight curve(not very curved).


Dot to the lower right(left) and pause.


Falling rightwards, flattening at the bottom.


Turning the direction of the strokes. The first stroke and the second stroke make an angle.


Turning the direction of the strokes. 钩 is like a hook, which is shorter than 折.

横 + 撇 = 横撇

横折 + 提 = 横折提

横折 + 折 = 横折折/横折弯

横折 + 弯钩 = 横折弯钩/横斜钩/横折斜钩

横折 + 折 + 撇 = 横折折撇/横折弯撇

横折 + 折 + 折 = 横折折折

横折 + 折 + 折 + 钩 = 横折折折钩

竖 + 钩 = 竖钩

竖 + 提 = 竖提

竖 + 弯钩 = 竖弯钩

竖折 + 撇 = 竖折撇/竖折折

竖折 + 折 + 钩 = 竖折折钩

撇 + 折 = 撇折

撇 + 点 = 撇点