Pinyin Chart

The Pinyin da

Tones of pinyin [da]
Common charactors of pinyin [da]
big; heavy
beat; break
extend; reach
reply; reciprocate
hang over; put up
same as 嗒; same as 咑
a surname
big ear
Tartar, as the Han people called all nomadic peoples in northern China in ancient times. In the Ming Dynasty, this referred to eastern Mongolians living in today's Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region of China and east of the Republic of Mongolia.
saddened; dread
rough bamboo mat; hemp rope for pulling a boat
carbuncle on the back
used as a component of 鞑靼
sound made to urge draught animals forward
used as a component of 莙荙菜
a word used in a person's name
upstairs room window
pebble; stone-built water storage and drainage facility