Pinyin Chart

The Pinyin fu

Tones of pinyin [fu]
Common charactors of pinyin [fu]
serve; convince
deputy; assistant
duplicate; compound
carry on the back or shoulder; shoulder
good fortune; make a curtsy
father; male relative of a senior generation
attach; get close to
man; husband
rich; enrich
woman; married woman
tally given by a ruler to a general or envoy as credentials; symbol
place a hand on something for support; straighten up
belly; belly
width of cloth, silk; size
hand/turn over
float; swim
become rotten/putrid; stale
assist; subsidiary
overturn; perish
comfort; protect
go against
government repository; government office
attend; swim
teacher; instruct
lie prostrate; subside
grant; tax
bow; condescend to
skin; superficial and shallow
apply; spread
used as a component of 芙蕖
stroke; flick
ax; a kind of weapon in ancient China
earth mound; abundant
courtesy name for a man; just
capture; prisoner of war
used as a component of 茯苓
cauldron, used in ancient China as a boiler
bind fast
used as a component of 呋喃
inspire confidence in
a surname
Fujiang River in Sichuan Province, which joins the Jialing River in Chongqing
a horse hitched up by the side of the shaft-horse
used as a component of 蝙蝠
viscera specifically the gall bladder, the tri-jiao, the bladder, and the intestines