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  • 1 in well; accord with; tally with

    • tā shuō de yǔ shì shí bù fú


      What he said does not tally with the facts.

  • 2

    n.symbol; sign; mark

    • fú hào


    • yīn fú

      musical notes

  • 3

    n.tally given by a ruler to a general or envoy as credentials

    • bīng fú

      commander's tally

  • 4

    n.magic figures drawn by Taoist priests to invoke or expel spirits and bring good or ill fortune

    • hù shēn fú

      protective talisman

    • huà fú

      draw magic figures to invoke good fortune and expel evil spirits

  • 5

    n.Fu, a surname

Words and phrases with 符

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Chinese Characters with pinyin

  • serve; convince
  • good fortune; make a curtsy
  • place a hand on something for support; straighten up
  • width of cloth, silk; size
  • float; swim