Pinyin Chart

The Pinyin hu

Tones of pinyin [hu]
Common charactors of pinyin [hu]
non-Han nationalities living in the north and west in ancient times; introduced from abroad or by ethnic groups living in northern and western parts of China
howl; the sound of wind etc.
each other
ignore; suddenly
lake; another name for Huzhou, a city in Zhejiang Province
protect; be partial to
door; family
tiger; brave
a kind of bird which eats insects and birds
another name for Shanghai
gruel; stick with paste
used as a component of 蝴蝶
bow; arc
pot; used for vessels
bottle gourd
tiger-shape jade
paste together
dry measure used in former times
used as a component of 囫囵; used as a component of 囫囵个儿
win and complete a set in mah-jong
Mongolian oak
a tablet held before the breast by officials when received in audience by the emperor
used as a component of 猢狲
now written as 呼哨
same as 瓠子
used as a component of 珊瑚
used as a component of 恍惚
rely on; father
a river in Hebei Province, but the section that joins the Fuyang River is called Ziya River
shiver out of fear
bailing bucket; bail
used as a component of 醍醐
mountain covered by vegetation
used as a component of 鹈鹕
stew in shallow water
freeze; block
used as a component of 於戏
thorny plant, whose stem can be used for making arrow shafts