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    v.stick with paste

    • tā zài hú chuāng hu


      He is pasting the window.

    • tā zài hú zhǐ hé


      She is pasting the box.

    • tā zài xué hú fēng zheng


      He is learning to paste a kite.

  • 2


    • mǐ hú


    • wǒ xǐ huan zhī ma hú


      I like to drink sesame paste.

    • yù mǐ hú hěn hǎo hē


      The polenta is delicious.

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    v.same as

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    v.feed with gruel

    • hú kǒu

      feed with gruel

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Word usage

  • Note
    When pronounced as "hū", it means "smear or close it with something like a paste", such as "泥糊在脸上了"; when pronounced as "hú", it means "make it sticky", and it can also mean things; when pronounced as "hù", except for verbs "糊弄", it is generally a noun, such as "芝麻糊".

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  • non-Han nationalities living in the north and west in ancient times; introduced from abroad or by ethnic groups living in northern and western parts of China
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