Pinyin Chart

The Pinyin lu

Tones of pinyin [lu]
Common charactors of pinyin [lu]
road; journey
record; record
land; land route
dew; outside a house, a tent, having no covering above
stupid; rash
a surname
stove; heat
deer; state power
official's salary in feudal China; a surname
cottage; Luzhou, old name of the seat of a prefecture in present-day Hefei of Anhui Province
halogen; stew in salt solution and five kinds of spices or in soya sauce
rub one's palm along; dismiss a person from his post
capture; slave
used as a component of 噜苏
carry off; loot
Luzhou, a place in Sichuan Province
fine jade
mediocre; busy
kill; unite
name of a river in Shanxi Province; another name of Nujiang River in Yunnan Province
cross bar on an ancient chariot; chariot
foot of a hill/mountain
scull; big shield
set out
used as a component of 辘轳
send a gift of money or goods; bribe
seep through
used as a component of 鸬鹚
clear; name of a river
a surname
account books, registers
name of both a mountain and a place in Anhui Province; name of a place in Jiangsu Province
bow; big ship
black earth/soil; an adobe table in an ancient wineshop
a word used in a place name
smoke tree
used as a component of 辘轳
woven bamboo trunk; wicker/bamboo basket
licorice root
used as a component of 氆氇
good wine
turn the eyeballs to look
early-maturing cereals