Pinyin Chart

The Pinyin si

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Tones of pinyin [si]
Common charactors of pinyin [si]
die; desperately
four; note in the Chinese gongchepu scale
consider; long for
like; seem
department; manage
this; then
private; selfish
silk; threadlike thing
raise; forage
government bureau in ancient China; mosque
unbridled; four
neigh; be hoarse
servant; with one/each another
succeed; descendant
sixth of the twelve Earthly Branches
spy upon; wait
year; offer sacrifices to the gods or the ancesters
nasal mucus; Sihe, name of a river in Shandong Province
team of four horses; horse
ditch of stagnant water; river bank
square bamboo-plaited utensil/basket
fine flax/linen
same as 私
elder sister; wife of one's husband's elder brother
used as a component of 鹭鸶
female rhinoceros
a spade-shaped farm tool used in ancient China; ploughshare
drain completely
used as a component of 螺蛳
water front
same as 祀
a legendary beast
same as 似
used as a component of 罘罳
used for a place name
ice floe
used as a component of 构词成分
cool breeze