Pinyin Chart

The Pinyin ye

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Tones of pinyin [ye]
Common charactors of pinyin [ye]
also; as well
evening; grow dark
line of business; occupation
leaf; leaf-like thing
open country; rough
father; grandfather
leaf; page
used at the end of a question
same as 爷
seductively dressed or made up; smelt
choke with sobs
coconut palm
axilla; upper angle formed by a leaf, twig, etc.
call on
have the oesophagus blocked by food; breathe with difficulty against the wind
sunlight; bright
support somebody by the arm; help
used as a component of 揶揄
place name in ancient times, in present-day Linzhang, Hebei Province
throw; have a stiff arm
yeah; exclamation used to express surprise or disappointment
tuck in; hide
used as a component of 镆铘
used as a component of 伽倻琴
deliver meals to the fields