tū xiǎn

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  • v.show clearly/distinctly; set off; stand out; make apparent

    • cǎo dì shang tū xiǎn chū yī duǒ huā


      A flower stands out clearly on the lawn.

    • zhè tū xiǎn le mǒu xiē zhèng fǔ bù mén shí fēn wú néng


      It points up the complete incompetence of some government departments.

Word usage

  • Note
    1."凸显" is different from "凸现". "凸显" expresses "revealing and evealing", showing the process from invisible to revealing; "凸现" expresses "showing and appearing", showing the result of having from nothing. 2."凸显" is different from "突显". "凸显" indicates that things that originally existed are more clear; "突显" indicates that things that were previously invisible are suddenly or prominently revealed.