bài shī

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  • v.acknowledge somebody as one's teacher/master; be formally apprenticed to; come under one's tutorship

    • wǒ xiǎng xiàng tā bài shī


      I wish to acknowledge him as my teacher.

    • bài shī diǎn lǐ


      ceremony to honour one's master

    • tā cóng xiǎo chū wài bài shī xué tú


      He went out to do obeisance teacher apprentice since the childhood.

Word usage

  • "拜" and "师" can be combined as one word, or be used separately with other elements inserted.
    • 弟子孔夫子研习学问

      The disciples formally acknowledged Confucius as their teacher to gain knowledge.

    • 真正徒弟

      Only those who have formally acknowledged him as their teachers can be regarded as his true apprentices.

    • 之后更加刻苦

      After having formally acknowledged him as his teacher, he worked harder.