Zhong wen 11

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Vocabulary of Zhong wen 11.

yī bàn一半one half

zhànga unit of length equal to 3.3333 metres; measure

jǔ bàn举办hold

yì wù义务obligation; moral obligation

fù chū付出pay

xiānimmortal; master

stand on tiptoe; look forward to

qǐ tú企图attempt; attempt

kind; precedent

jùnhandsome; talented

zhǔn xǔ准许permit

attack; touch

xíngpunishment; torture


lēitie or strap something tight

chāfork; work with a fork

tàn xī叹息let out/heave/utter/give a sigh

tóng qíng同情sympathize with; approve of or agree with somebody's action

six even-numbered note in the ancient Chinese musical temperament; a state in the Zhou Dynasty

chǎonoisy; make a noise

chuǎnbreathe hard/heavily; asthma

xǐ ài喜爱be fond of

rǎngshout; bawl

tuán jù团聚reunite; gather

quānring; group



old woman; husband's mother

shòu寿long; life

shīperson representing spirit of the dead person during sacrifices; corpse

zhuàngused for houses or buildings

angry; be angry

sī suǒ思索ponder

qíng xù情绪feeling; moodiness

jīng yà惊讶amazed

shànfan; leaf

niǔwrench; swing

rǎodisturb; trespass on somebody's hospitality

pāothrow; abandon

bào chou报酬reward

xiàofollow the example of; devote to

wú xiàn无限infinite

cáopeople of the same kind; department of government under the monarch

yǒu xiào有效be effective

běn shi本事talent

běn lái本来original; originally

hǎi tān海滩beach

xióngbear; useless

zhuǎclaw; foot of a utensil

yá chǐ牙齿tooth

hěn xīn狠心harden one's heart; firm decision

zhēn guì珍贵precious

pí fū皮肤skin; character setting in games


zhī jué知觉consciousness; perception

wěnsteady; staid

cuànflee; exile

jìngfinish; throughout

suǒthick rope or chain; search

end of a silk thread; remnants

zhàocover; shade

xiángcircle in the air; detailed


skin; superficial and shallow

jiānshoulder; take on

wèistomach; one of the 28 constellations of the celestial sphere

bó zi脖子neck


pí qi脾气temperament; bad temper

bānkind; as

zàngbury; disposal of the body of the deceased according to customs

make a surprise attack/assault on; copy

make a surprise attack/assault on; copy

xí jī袭击make a surprise attack; raid


shangused as a component of 衣裳

jiě jiù解救rescue

chùtouch; stir up sb.'s feelings


tiáofit in perfectly; adjust

tiáo pí调皮naughty; unruly

chèntaking advantage of; possess

step on; go to the spot

dēngpress down or push with the foot; step on


zāo yù遭遇encounter; lot

zuìdrunk; be addicted to

guōpot; bowl

chuǎngrush; incur

lónggrand; prosperous

zhènthunder; shake

dùn shí顿时at once


fēi xiáng飞翔flight


devil; wicked force

mó guǐ魔鬼devil

general name for hemp, flax, jute, etc.; fiber of hemp, flax, etc. for textile materials

pēnspurt; spray

yǐndrink; drink wine/liquor