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    v.lift/raise a siege; rescue somebody from a siege; come to the rescue of the besieged

    • guān jūn shù lù yuán jūn qí dào zhǐ hǎo jiě wéi ér qù


      The officers and soldiers arrived several ways, so they had to extricate themselves from the siege.

  • 2 somebody out of a predicament; ease somebody's embarrassment

    • yào bu shì nǐ lái jiě wéi wǒ zhēn xià bù liǎo tái


      If not for your help, I would have suffered real embarrassment.

Word usage

  • "解" and "围" can be combined as one word, or be used separately with other elements inserted.
    • 谢谢

      Thank you for helping me out of a predicament.

    • He helped me out of a predicament.