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  • 1

    n.ally; (originally referring to taking an oath and making a treaty) an alliance between groups, classes or states

    • bèi méng

      betray an alliance

    • jiě méng

      break off alliance with

    • lián méng

      forge an alliance

  • 2

    v.pledge; swear; vow; take an oath

    • méng shì

      make the pledge

  • 3

    adj.sworn (brothers)

    • méng xiōng

      sworn elder brother

  • 4

    n.league (an administrative division of the lnner Mongolia Autonomous Region, corresponding to a prefecture)

    • méng de xíng zhèng dì wèi yǔ dì qū xíng zhèng gōng shǔ xiāng tóng


      The administrative status of the league is the same as that of the regional administrative office.

Words and phrases with 盟

  • 盟国
    [word]allied country/state
  • 盟友
    [word]ally; allied country/state
  • 盟主
    [word]chief/leader of an alliance
  • 盟约
    [word]treaty of alliance
  • 盟誓
    [word]treaty of alliance; take an oath
  • 盟员
    [word]member of a league
  • 盟军
    [word]allied armies
  • 盟兄弟
    [word]sworn brothers
  • 盟邦
    [word]allied country

Similar-form characters to 盟

Chinese Characters with pinyin méng

  • sprout; start
  • cover; suffer from
  • obscure; dim
  • used as a component of 濛濛
  • used as a component of 柠檬