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  • n.magpie

    • shēng míng què qǐ

      gain considerable prestige

    • què jiào

      warble of the magpie

Words and phrases with 鹊

  • 鹊文鸟
    [word]magpie finch
  • 鹊䴗
    [word]magpie shrike
  • 鹊桥
    [word]magpie bridge, which the Girl Weaver crosses to meet the Cowherd on the 7th of the seventh lunar month
  • 鹊报
    [word]cry of the magpie
  • 鹊起
    [word]act according to the circumstances; spread
  • 鹊鸲
    [word]magpie robin
  • 鹊桥会
    [word]singles party
  • 鹊雁
    [word]magpie/pied goose
  • 鹊豆
    [word]dolichos lablab
  • 鹊桥相会
    [idiom]meet each other across the Milky Way
  • 鹊巢鸠占
    [idiom]grab a house, land, property, etc., that doesn't belong to one
  • 鹊笑鸠舞
    [idiom]The magpie smiles and the turtledove dances.

Similar-form characters to 鹊

Chinese Characters with pinyin què

  • drive back; decline
  • firm; true
  • sparrow; surname
  • watchtower on either side of a palace gate; stone carving erected in front of a temple, tomb, shrine or mausoleum
  • end; used for songs or poems