shēng tiān

Chinese dictionary
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  • 1

    v.euphdie; go up to heaven

    • tā zuó wǎn shēng tiān le


      She died last night.

  • 2

    v.rise to the sky; take off; go up into the sky

    • wèi xīng shēng tiān le


      The satellite has risen to the sky.

    • kàn lái zhè ge guó jiā gēn běn bù néng shǐ huǒ jiàn shēng tiān


      It seemed that the country could not get a rocket off the ground.

Word usage

  • "升" and "天" can be combined as one word, or be used separately with other elements inserted.
    • 火箭怎么

      How did the rocket rise to the sky?

    • 月亮

      The full moon appeared in the sky.

    • 我们举办葬礼

      We held a funeral for him and saw him go to heaven.