yuè jìng

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  • v.sneak in or out of a country; cross the boundary illegally

    • nà ge jiàn dié qǐ tú yuè jìng táo dào lín guó


      The spy attempted to escape to a neighbouring country.

    • tā bàn chéng shén fu yuè jìng táo zǒu le


      He escaped across the border disguised as a priest.

    • kǒng bù fèn zǐ yuè jìng shèn tòu


      the infiltration of terrorists from across the border

Word usage

  • "越" and "境" can be combined as one word, or be used separately with other elements inserted.
    • 以为逃脱法律制裁

      He thought he could escape the punishment after he sneaked out of his country.

    • 从来没有

      He has never crossed the boundary illegally.

    • 不法分子边防哨所麻烦

      Every time the criminals cross the border, they cause trouble to the border post.

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