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  • 1

    v.fmlblame; censure

    • zhòng kǒu jiāo zhé

      be censured by everybody

  • 2

    v.fmlbanish; exile

    • biǎn zhé

      relegate a high official to a minor post in an outlying district in feudal times

    • shòu zhé

      be exiled

    • zhé jū

      live in exile after being banished

  • 3

    v.fml(of immortals) be banished from Heaven

    • zhé jiàng

      be banished from heaven

    • zhé xiān

      banished immortal

Words and phrases with 谪

  • 谪奸
    [word]condemn the wicked
  • 谪仙
    [word]banished immortal; banished official
  • 谪居
    [word]live in exile
  • 谪戍
    [word]be banished to defend a remote area
  • 谪迁
    [word]be banished to a minor post in an outlying district
  • 谪降
    [word]demote; be banished from Heaven

Similar-form characters to 谪

Chinese Characters with pinyin zhé

  • break; die
  • same as 折
  • wise; wise man
  • then; always
  • hibernate; live in seclusion