Pinyin Chart

The Pinyin yu

Whole syllable:yuVideo guide
Tones of pinyin [yu]
Common charactors of pinyin [yu]
participate in
in; with regard to
prior; in advance
speak; language
meet; treat
jade; pure
fish; a surname
remain;more than
desire; wish
exceed; the more... the more...
feather; wings
house; space
catch fish; take something one is not entitled to
pleasure; give pleasure to
strongly fragrant; lush
give birth to; bring up
carriage; sedan chair
foolish; fool
drive/ride; administer
take a bath
stasis of blood; stagnate
agreed; a surname
exceed; even more
territory; region
reputation; praise
abode; imply
guess; supposition
prison; lawsuit
comfortable; happy
mud; be choked with silt
beautiful jade; lustre of gems
taro; tuber crops
legendary leader of an ancient tribe union who successfully tamed a major flood; a surname
explain; understand
abundant; make rich
are confused in meaning
doorsill; boundary
circuitous; clinging to outworn rules and ideas
change; another name for Chongqing
drive; control
a word used in a place name; a surname
earthenware jar
small island
instruct; instructions
name of a place