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  • 1

    n.remain; leave; surplus; spare; remaining; remainder; excess

    • chú qù yíng yè shuì hái yú sān wàn yuán


      There is a balance of 30 thousand yuan , after paying the business tax.

    • qī jiǎn sì yú sān

      Seven minus four leaves three.

    • shén me dōu méi yú xià


      Nothing is left.

  • 2

    n.spare time; time after or beyond an event

    • yè yú

      spare time

    • kè yú

      after class

    • chá yú jiǔ hòu

      at one's leisure

  • 3

    adj.more than; odd; over

    • sān zhàng yú

      more than three zhang

    • liù shí yú nián


      sixty odd years

    • yú rén


      thirty-odd people

  • 4

    n.fmlYu, a surname

  • 5

    pron.fmlI; me

    • yú yòu nián sàng tài gōng


      I lost my grandfather when I was a child.


Words and phrases with 余

  • 余弦
  • 余数
  • 余油
    [word]excess oil
  • 余孽
    [word]remaining evil elements
  • 余额
    [word]vacancies yet to be filled; balance
  • 余烬
    [word]ashes; wreckage after a disaster/war
  • 余音
    [word]lingering sound
  • 余脉
    [word]stretching branch of a mountain
  • 余风
    [word]remnants of old customs
  • 余香满口
    [idiom]left a lingering fragrance in one's mouth
  • 余音缭绕
    [idiom]the music lingers in the air
  • 余勇可贾
    [idiom]with strength yet to spare
  • 余音袅袅
    [idiom]The music lingered in the air long after the performance ended.
  • 余音绕梁
    [idiom]the music lingered around the beams
  • 余可类推
    [idiom]the rest may be inferred by analogy
  • 余味无穷
    [idiom]leave a lasting and pleasant impression

Similar-form characters to 余

Chinese Characters with pinyin

  • in; with regard to
  • fish; a surname
  • catch fish; take something one is not entitled to
  • pleasure; give pleasure to
  • cheerful