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  • 1; a vertebrate living in water

    • zhè xiē yú cháng shēng chī


      These fish are often eaten raw.

    • nǐ néng xiàng yú yī yàng yóu yǒng ma


      Can you swim like a fish?

    • zhè tiáo hé lǐ yǒu hěn duō yú

      There are a lot of fish in the river.

    • yī qún yú

      a shoal of fish

  • 2

    n.Yu, a surname

Words and phrases with 鱼

Word usage

  • "鱼" is often matched with measure word "条"or"尾".
    • one fish

    • one fish

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Chinese Characters with pinyin

  • in; with regard to
  • remain;more than
  • catch fish; take something one is not entitled to
  • pleasure; give pleasure to
  • cheerful