Yu Wen Grade 4(A)

Chinese textbooks
Here are all the words you need to know in Yu Wen Grade 4(A).

zhànga unit of length equal to 3.3333 metres; measure

dāncinnabar; red

kuīlack; treat unfairly

pèiwear; ornament worn around the waist in ancient China

bīngweapons; troops

seductively dressed or made up; smelt

pínglean on/against; rely on

huìgeneral term for various kinds of grass

hōngguffaws; roar


neigh; be hoarse

nángbag; bag-shaped thing


jiānhard; a heavily fortified point

gěngearth dyke; a long, narrow mound

yīnblock up; die out

collapse; sink

sàiplace serving as a strategic barrier

nàideal with; how

a word used in a person's name

shàoyoung; son of a rich family

juérise abruptly

shuàicommander-in-chief; the chief piece in Chinese chess

God; emperor

pánghuge; innumerable and disordered

chèthorough; penetrate

zhēnggo on a journey; levy

be afraid of

shùconsideration for others; be considerate/thoughtful towards others

hènregret; hate

èvice; fierce

cǎncruel; disastrous

chéngwarn; punish

fènanger; be angry

chōngindecisive; muddle-headed


zhāprick; plunge/get into

zhuōawkward; my


quánfist; curl


qiāpinch; clutch

piěthrow; used for things resembling the left-falling stroke

this; then

xuánrevolve; return

yuēsay; call

jiéprominent; outstanding person

tángbirchleaf pear


deceive; bully

xiēhave a rest; stop

yīnabundant; ardent

shěnShen; juice

zhuómuddy; confused


kuìburst; break through

drown; be addicted to

shàevil spirit; very



méia kind of jade

used as a component of 琵琶

used as a component of 琵琶

píngbottle; the quantity contained in a bottle, vase or jar

pound; crush

qínQin, a state in the Zhou Dynasty; State of Qin

level; grade

xiànadmire; superfluous



taro; tuber crops

jièmustard; grass

qíncelery; a thin gift, affection, etc.

fànmould; model


used as a component of 茉莉


shǔgeneral designation of such crops as potato and yam

ǒulotus root


reputation; praise

wèisay; call

huòclear; exempt

háoperson of extraordinary powers or endowments; bold and unconstrained

bàidestroy; fail

human body

fǎncome/go back

huángo back; give back

zāomeet with; time

suǒlock; lock a door, case, drawer, etc., or secure something with a chain

lónggrand; prosperous

méibecome mildewy


jiǔfragrant-flowered garlic

xiàngnape; a surname

prior; in advance

chǒusecond of the twelve Earthly Branches; hideous

juécharacter; type of role

mute; hoarse

dīngnail; follow closely