Yu Wen Grade 4(B)

Chinese textbooks
Here are all the words you need to know in Yu Wen Grade 4(B).

qiánqian, one of the Eight Trigrams; male

zhòngthe second among brothers; second month of a season in the lunar calendar

lie prostrate; subside


spy upon; wait

chǐwasteful; exaggerate

shìwait on/upon

gòngpresent/lay incense or offerings; offerings

bully; foreign aggression

hurried; be close to

qiàopretty; sell well


rising to a height; bald

cold; lamentable

chàBuddhist monastery or temple

pōucut open; analyse

jiérob; coerce

qíndiligent; work

private; servant



used as a component of 吩咐

feed; food of chewing

hēnggroan; hum

chúnlip; labium


crow; weep aloud

zhǔenjoin; entrust

liáoused as a component of 嘹亮

xiāodin; presumptuous

kūnsymbol for earth in the Eight Trigrams; female

shēextravagant; excessive

fánghinder; harm


shàngesteem; set great store by

shīperson representing spirit of the dead person during sacrifices; corpse

jièexpire; session

xièbits; trifling

qiàostern; precipitous

huīemblem; fine


detailed; all


cling to; dig up


niǔwrench; swing


kǔntie; things that are bundled

cuōrub with hands

cuōgather; scoop up

jìngo ahead; promote

chǔpestle; beat/pound with a pestle

zhěnpillow; rest one's head on something

guìcabinet; cashier's office

shuānplug; stopper

yāngcalamity; bring disaster to

dirt; dirty

prevent; gloomy

luòLuohe River, name of both rivers in Shaanxi and Henan Provinces respectively

zhèZhejiang Province

hùnmix; pass for

lacquer; coat with lacquer

yānhere; how

used as a component of 宝贝疙瘩

a sign or thing indicating number; an instrument used to indicate number

yàninkstone; term derived from the fact that classmates sharing the same desk oft. shared their writing brushes and inkslabs

pray; beg

legendary leader of an ancient tribe union who successfully tamed a major flood; a surname


gǎo稿stalk of grain; manuscript

kuīpeep; observe on the sly

crowd/cluster together; cluster

bǎngbind; truss up

end of a silk thread; remnants


zhíduty; office


màiarteries and veins; pulse

qiāngcavity; tune


used as a component of 芙蕖

gǒucareless; if

kuícertain herbaceous plants with big flowers

róngpaste made by mashing up dried fruit, beans or seeds used as a filling in snacks; alternative name for Chengdu, capital of Sichuan province

consider; concern

yánsmall gastropod mollusc

wānused as a component of 蜿蜒

riddle; enigma

cèngrub; rub against something and get stained

dùnescape; hide

lose; omit

zhènga vassal state in the Zhou Dynasty; a surname

tin; grant


chúyoung bird; young

inclined to one side; quite

gōnga surname

daused as a component of 疙瘩

zhóuaxle; rod