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  • 1

    adj.diligent; hardworking; try one's best to do more or keep doing something

    • xīn qín

      work hard

    • qín fèn


    • qín kǔ


  • 2

    n.work; service

    • wài qín

      field work

    • qín wù

      (public) duties

    • hòu qín

      general service

  • 3

    n.(office, school, etc.) attendance

    • chū qín

      turn up for work

    • zhí qín

      be on duty

    • quē qín

      absence from work

  • 4

    adj.frequent; regular

    • qín xǐ qín huàn

      be changed and washed regularly

    • qín xǐ zǎo


      take bath regularly

Words and phrases with 勤

  • 勤谨
    [word]dutiful and industrious
  • 勤快
  • 勤敏
    [word]diligent and intelligent
  • 勤王
    [word]send troops to rescue the emperor when his dominance is undermined due to the threat of internal disorder or foreign aggression; do one's best to serve the throne
  • 勤勉
  • 勤俭建国
    [word]build the country through thrift and hard work
  • 勤政廉政
    [word]keep government functionaries honest and industrious
  • 勤杂人员
  • 勤杂员
  • 勤勤恳恳
    [idiom]be diligent and conscientious
  • 勤工俭学
    [idiom]part-work and part-study; a form to run schools that advocates the part-work and part-study education system
  • 勤则不匮
    [idiom]If one is industrious, one will not be short of supplies.
  • 勤学苦练
    [idiom]study diligently and train hard
  • 勤能补拙
    [idiom]effort can make up for one's limitations
  • 勤俭持家
    [idiom]be industrious and thrifty in running one's household
  • 勤俭节约
    [idiom]be industrious and frugal
  • 勤劳勇敢
    [idiom]be industrious and courageous

Similar-form characters to 勤

Chinese Characters with pinyin qín

  • Qin, a state in the Zhou Dynasty; State of Qin
  • qin, a seven-stringed plucked instrument in some ways similar to the zither; general name for certain musical instruments
  • birds; birds and beasts
  • capture
  • celery; a thin gift, affection, etc.