chū mǎ

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  • 1

    v.(of officers and men) take to the battlefield; take the lead in doing something

    • pài qiáng lǚ chū mǎ


      commit crack troops to action

    • bié qīn zì chū mǎ


      Don't take up the matter oneself.

    • wǒ jué dìng ràng tā chū mǎ


      I decided to let him solve the problem.

  • 2

    v.dial(of a doctor) visit a patient at home; make a house call; out-call

    • lǎo zhōng yī qīn zì chū mǎ


      The old doctor of Chinese medicine went out to see the patients himself.

Word usage

  • "出" and "马" can be combined as one word, or be used separately with other elements inserted.
    • 老将亲自

      The veteran went into action in person.