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  • n.bridge

    • qiáo liáng


    • nà ge gōng yuán li yǒu yī zuò fēi cháng piào liang de qiáo


      There is a very beautiful bridge in that park.

    • gāi qiáo zhèng zài jiàn zào zhōng


      The building of the bridge is in progress.

Words and phrases with 桥

Word usage

  • "桥" is often matched with measure word "座"or"架".
    • one bridge

    • one bridge

Similar-form characters to 桥

Chinese Characters with pinyin qiáo

  • look; see a doctor
  • tall; a surname
  • reside in a foreign country; person living abroad
  • raise; become warped
  • used as a component of 憔悴