HCPS Textbook 2A

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Here are all the words you need to know in Higher Chinese for Primary School 2A.

zhuānconcentrated; monopolize

line of business; occupation

zhǔhost; owner

beautiful; attach oneself to

jiǔfor a long time; a specified duration

each other

xiēsome; a little more

liàngbright; loud and clear

cóngfollow; join

hòuinquire after; observe

tíngstop; stop over

xiānfirst; earlier

bàndo; buy/purchase supplies

calorie; card

yuánoriginal; raw

close; join

xiàngturn towards; towards

baused at the end of an imperative sentence to soften the tone; indicate a suggestion, request, or order


what; whichever

hillside; sloping

dìngcalm; fix

guest; traveller

shìroom; Shi

duìanswer; treat

suìyear; year

stop; dismiss from office

niánharvest; year

zhāngdraw; tense


mángbusy; hurry


cáitalent; capable/talented person

pull; haul

páiarrange; row

jiēcome close to; connect

zhībranch; the twelve Earthly Branches

xīnnew; unused

pángside; other

shíseason; current


bēicup; trophy

the utmost point; do one's best

línforest; forestry

shùtree; plant

yàngshape; sample


lóustoreyed building; floor


yǎnperform; drill

ránright; so

zhàoilluminate; sunshine

piànflat, thin piece; film

xiànshow; present

bānclass; shift

nánman; son

zhístraight; straighten

xiāngmutually; indicating an action performed by one person toward another


auxiliary word for ordinal numbers; mansion/residence of a high official

děngequal; class

reply; reciprocate


level; grade

zhǐpaper; bank notes of the dead

gěigive; make somebody suffer

měibeautiful; beautify

cǎograss; straw

lánblue; indigo plant

dànegg; an egg-shaped thing

xínggo; something about travelling

biǎosurface; the relationship between the children or grandchildren of a brother and a sister or of sisters

bèiquilt; cover


shìtry; examination

qǐngrequest; invite

xièresign; decline

road; journey

yùntransport; move

yuǎnfar away; distant in relationship

be fascinated by; be confused

sòngaccompany somebody to his destination; give

shìfit; right

qiáncopper coin; money


fēimistake; object to

yīnsound; news

turn round and look; visit

huángyellow; the Yellow River

hēiblack; dark

lóngdragon; dragon as the symbol of the emperor

gāishould; will

yīngrespond; promise

hold; handle

kōngempty; sky

jīnglongitude; warp

绿green; turn green

zhuǎnturn; pass on