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    n.canal; channel; ditch; (artificial) water course

    • zhè tiáo qú de zuì shēn chù shì liǎng zhàng wǔ

      The channel is two and half zhang at its deepest.

    • nà tiáo qú huāng fèi le


      That irrigation canal has fallen into disuse.

    • zhè tiáo qú jué kǒu

      The canal has burst its banks.

  • 2

    adj.fmlbig; chief; great

    • dà qú

      commander in chief

  • 3

    pron.fmldialhe; him; she

    • qú chēng

      he says

Words and phrases with 渠

Word usage

  • "渠" is often matched with measure word "条".
    • one canal

Similar-form characters to 渠

Chinese Characters with pinyin

  • thoroughfare
  • jade bracelets or earrings; a surname
  • fatigued
  • a word used in a place name