shàng zhuāng

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  • 1

    v.put on make up; make up for a theatrical performance

    • yǎn yuán zhèng zài hòu tái shàng zhuāng


      The actors and actresses are making up backstage.

  • 2

    n.dialjacket; upper outer garment; top; blouse

    • wǒ xiǎng qù mǎi shàng zhuāng


      I'd like to buy some blouses.

Word usage

  • Note
    "上装" is different from "上妆". "上妆" only refers to the makeup, and "上装" includes clothing.
  • "上" and "装" can be combined as one word, or be used separately with other elements inserted.
    • 演员已经

      The actors have been dressed.

Chinese words with pinyin shang zhuang