xuè tǒng

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  • n.blood relationship; bloodline; blood lineage

    • dé guó xuè tǒng de yīng guó rén


      British of German extraction

    • tā shì dōng fāng xuè tǒng


      He has oriental blood in his veins.

    • huáng jiā xuè tǒng


      royal bloodline

    • xuè tǒng lián xì


      blood relation

    • wǒ wèi wǒ de yì dà lì xuè tǒng ér jiāo ào


      I'm proud of my Italian roots.

Word usage

  • Note
    Both "血统" and "血缘" refer to a kind of natural kinship formed by human beings reproducing offspring. However, "血统" refers to the system constituted by such relationship, so it can be used widely. In addition to family members, it is also used for clan, nation, country, region, etc., such as "亚洲血统"; "血缘" refers to the natural connection of this relationship, and it is mostly used for families or family members.

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