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  • 1

    auxiliary wordfml(indicates completion of an action)

    • jù wǎng yǐ

      All is over now.

    • wàn shì xiū yǐ

      All is over.

  • 2

    auxiliary wordfml(used in exclamatory sentences) how; what

    • dà yǐ zāi

      How great!

    • shèn yǐ rǔ zhī bù huì

      How stupid you are!

Similar-form characters to 矣

Chinese Characters with pinyin

  • use; because of
  • stop; dismiss from office
  • note of the scale in gongchepu, corresponding to 7 in numbered musical notation; mark to show where something is to be added in writing
  • chair
  • lean on or against; rely on