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    adj.all; every; various

    • zhū wèi yǒu shén me yì jiàn huān yíng tí chu lai


      You are welcome to put forward your views.

    • qiě wèi zhū jūn yán zhī

      Now I'll inform you about it.

    • zhū bān wǔ yì


      all kinds of martial arts

  • 2

    prep.fmlat; to; from; a fusing of 之于 or of 之 乎

    • yǒu zhū

      Is this true?

  • 3

    n.Zhu, a surname

Words and phrases with 诸

  • 诸事
    [word]every matter
  • 诸虫
  • 诸子
    [word]exponents of various schools of thought from pre-Qin times to the early Han dynasty
  • 诸元
    [word]set of data
  • 诸多
    [word]a good deal
  • 诸君
    [word]ladies and gentlemen
  • 诸葛亮会
    [word]meeting of Zhu Geliangs
  • 诸位
    [word]ladies and gentlemen
  • 诸公
  • 诸亲六眷
    [idiom]relatives from the various branches of the family
  • 诸色人等
    [idiom]different kinds of people
  • 诸恶莫作
    [idiom]Every form of evil can’t be done.
  • 诸如此类
    [idiom]what not
  • 诸子百家
    [idiom]various schools of thought and their exponents during the period from pre-Qin times to the early Han Dynasty
  • 诸亲好友
    [idiom]relatives and friends

Word usage

  • Note
    "诸" itself contains "于", so "于" can not be added after it, such as "诉诸于武力" is improper.

Similar-form characters to 诸

Chinese Characters with pinyin zhū

  • vermilion; cinnabar
  • swine
  • pearl; bead
  • used for trees; individual plant
  • denounce; kill