zhuǎn yè

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  • 1

    v.(of an armyman) be transferred to civilian work; change profession

    • zài bù duì wǔ nián hòu tā zhuǎn yè le


      After five years in the army, he changed careers.

    • zhè wèi lǎo bīng zhuǎn yè le


      The old soldier changed jobs.

    • jūn rén zhuǎn yè hòu kě huò dé zhèng fǔ bǔ zhù


      Soldiers can receive government subsidies when they change careers.

  • 2

    v.(of laid-off worker) transfer to a new occupation; move to a new area

    • lǐng dǎo hào zhào wǒ men jī jí cān yù zhuǎn yè péi xùn


      The leaders called on us to actively participate in the training for career change.

    • zhuǎn yè zhī hòu de gōng zī yǒu suǒ shàng zhǎng


      Wages have risen after changing jobs.

    • wǒ xǐ huan zhuǎn yè zhī hòu de gōng zuò


      I like my job after changing jobs.

  • 3

    v.change production

    • gōng chǎng yǐ jīng zhuǎn yè


      The factory has changed production.

Word usage

  • "转" and "业" can be combined as one word, or be used separately with other elements inserted.
    • 什么时候

      When did you transfer your career?

    • 战士去年部队

      The soldier was transferred to civilian work last year.

    • 如果今年不了准备创业

      If he can't be transferred to civilian work this year, he's ready to start a business.