Pinyin Chart

The Pinyin ji

Tones of pinyin [ji]
Common charactors of pinyin [ji]
engine; aircraft
base; basic
take into account; catch up
record; remember
provide; ample
nearly; small table
assume; at present
gather; rural fair
count; total
accumulate; long-standing
inherit; follow
the utmost point; do one's best
already; since
swash; sharp
fast; anxious
level; grade
chicken; prostitute
rapid; disease
auspicious; short for Jilin Province
compound; medication
the fourth or youngest among brothers; end of a period/an era
muscle; skin
attack; touch
entrust; depend on
crowd; force out by pressure
lonely; quiet
sixth of the Heavenly Stems; oneself
spinal column; part of something in the shape of a ridge
cross a river; aid
land irregular in shape; irregular
be jealous; hate
name used in ancient China for a concubine; female professional singer and dancer
offer sacrifices to; hold a memorial service for
envy; fear
mark; remains
hungry; having a famine
book; native place
and; up to
border; inside
sour jujube; thorn bushes
check; find fault with
hope; another name for Hebei Province
twist hempen thread; accomplishment
discipline; a period of twelve years
used as part of a person's name