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  • 1

    v.reach; come up to

    • lì suǒ néng jí

      within one's power

    • yóu jìn jí yuǎn

      from the near to the distant

    • shuǐ shēn jí yāo

      The water came up to the waist.

    • bō jí

      exert an impact on

  • 2 in time for; catch up (with somebody/something)

    • wàng chén mò jí

      left behind in the dust

    • zhuī huǐ mò jí

      too late to repent

    • jí zǎo

      as soon as possible

  • 3

    conj.(connect juxtaposed nouns or noun phrases) and; as well as

    • wǒ men yào tuán jié nóng mín jí zhī shi fèn zǐ


      We should unite the peasants and intellectuals.

    • tā men xū yào yí qì jí qí tā dōng xi


      They need instruments and other things.

    • tā bù xǐ huan shū cài jí suǒ yǒu yǒu jī shí pǐn


      He doesn't like any vegetables as well as organic food.

  • 4

    v.can compare with; be comparable; be up to; match

    • bù jí

      can not compare with

  • 5

    v.fmlreach by analogy; take into account

    • lǎo wú lǎo yǐ jí rén zhī lǎo

      I care for other people's elders as I care for my own.

Words and phrases with 及

  • 及门弟子
    [word]disciples under direct tutelage
  • 及物动词
    [word]transitive verb
  • 及格
    [word]pass a test, an examination, etc.
  • 及时雨
    [word]timely/opportune/welcome rain; timely help
  • 及早
    [word]at an early date
  • 及门
    [word]be formally accepted as a disciple by a master
  • 及笄年华
    [word]girl's coming of age
  • 及至
  • 及笄
    [word]come of age
  • 及锋而试
    [idiom]wield the sword when it is sharp-take action when the moment is opportune
  • 及瓜而代
    [idiom]As soon as the melons are ripe one will be relieved.
  • 及时行乐
    [idiom]enjoy pleasure in good time

Word usage

  • Note
    1.When as a conjunction, "及" is generally used in written language; when connecting more than three words, it should be used before the last one. 2. The meanings of the components connected by "及" are mostly divided into primary and secondary ones, and the main components are placed before "及".

Similar-form characters to 及

Chinese Characters with pinyin

  • assume; at present
  • gather; rural fair
  • the utmost point; do one's best
  • fast; anxious
  • level; grade