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  • 1

    n.standard; quota; target

    • dá biāo

      reach the standard

    • biāo zhǔn


    • zhǐ biāo


  • 2

    n.mark; sign

    • lù biāo

      road signal

    • fú biāo


    • yīn biāo

      phonetic symbol

  • 3; public commercial bidding; tender

    • zhāo biāo

      invite public bidding

    • tóu biāo

      submit a tender

    • jìng biāo

      compete for a bid

  • 4

    n.fmluppermost point of a tree; treetop

    • biāo duān


  • 5

    n.minor aspect; outward sign; symptom

    • zhì biāo bù bǐ zhì běn

      cure the disease rather than the symptoms

  • 6

    v.label; put a mark, tag or label on

    • biāo jiè

      demarcate a boundary

    • biāo yè mǎ


      mark the page number

  • 7

    n.prize; award; trophy; cup

    • jǐn biāo

      the banner

    • duó biāo

      win first prize

  • 8

    n.regiment in the Qing Dynasty

  • 9

    measure word(used on troops, only with the numeral)

    • yī biāo rén mǎ

      a detachment of troops

Words and phrases with 标

  • 标枪
    [word]javelin; javelin throwing
  • 标示
  • 标点
    [word]punctuation; punctuate
  • 标兵
    [word]parade guard; example
  • 标高
  • 标定
    [word]standardize; demarcate
  • 标注
  • 标准型
    [word]standard pattern/type
  • 标准时
    [word]standard time; civil time adopted for various localities in a country, usually the standard time in the time zone where the country's capital is located
  • 标新立异
    [idiom]claim to be novel and different for effect
  • 标本兼治
    [idiom]put something right once and for all

Similar-form characters to 标

Chinese Characters with pinyin biāo

  • a dart like weapon; property/effects convoyed for others
  • violent wind; leap
  • young tiger; tiger's stripes
  • a buff and white horse
  • fat