HCPS Textbook 4A

Chinese textbooks
Here are all the words you need to know in Higher Chinese for Primary School 4A.

wánball; pill

in; with regard to

zhòngnumerous; multitude

juàntired; be weary of

zhíbe worth; happen to

qīngslant; collapse

nèiinner; one's wife

kuàngcompare; besides

theatrical work; acute

quànencourage; try to persuade

yǒngbrave; temporary recruits in times of war during the Qing Dynasty

tūnswallow; take possession of

tuáncircular; roll

xíngmould; type

tàocover; overlap

husband's sister; father's sister

close; meticulous


zūnrespect; senior

màoheadgear; cap-like cover for something

bìngcombine; be side by side

guīgo back; return something to

wēitiny; profound

ignore; suddenly


dàiwear something on the head, face, neck, chest, arm, etc.; put on

shànfan; leaf

tóucast; put in

dāncarry on a shoulder pole; shoulder

crowd; force out by pressure

huànexchange; change

zhǎngpalm; strike with the palm of the hand

chāstick; interpose

chēngsupport; push or move with a pole

broadcast; seed

rub; brush past/by

jìngrespect; offer politely

clan; nationality

nuǎnwarm; warm up

sōngpine; slack

bàngstick; fine

pattern; fine example

military; of attack and defence

zhùpour; concentrate



língfairy; spirit

yānsmoke; mist

shāoburn; heat up or use certain chemicals, radioactive substances to cause changes in a substance

yóupass through; cause

exhausted; slump

zhòucrease; wrinkle up

méieyebrow; the top margin of a page


wǎnbowl; bowl-like object

shìshow; letter

mysterious; keep something secret

fēnnumerous; chaos

inherit; follow

continuous; continue

shuǎplay; play

give birth to; bring up

dǎngallbladder; courage


shěgive up; give alms

píngused as a component of 苹果

yàomedicine; cure with medicine

luòfall; go/come down

repair; fill up

jiědivide; undo

yánspeech; character

jǐngwarn; alert

xùninstruct; instructions

discuss; criticize

zhèngprove; evidence


word; speech

huǎnglie; tell a lie

demand; accuse

zànsupport; assist the master of ceremonies

dǎotread; skip

bèithe like; generation

hand over; successively

xǐngregain consciousness; wake up

zhēnneedle; needle-like things

shut; obstruct

mènbored; tightly closed

yuèread; review

fángdam; prevent

gather; rural fair

kàolean against; stand by the side of

xiàngnape; a surname

prior; in advance

piàndeceive; cheat/swindle somebody of something

silent; write from memory

drum; drum-like

reply officially to a petition; slap

sound of crying or vomiting

man; husband

chàdiffer from; be less than