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  • 1 used for a particular purpose

    • tā men jīn tiān qù zú qiú chǎng guān kàn bǐ sài


      They went to the football field to watch the game today.

    • yùn dòng yuán rù chǎng


      Athletes march into the sports field.

    • chǎng shang duī mǎn le mài zi


      The field was heaped with wheat.

  • 2

    measure word(used as a measure word for cultural and sporting activities)

    • yī chǎng diàn yǐng


      a film show

    • liǎng chǎng zú qiú sài


      two football matches

    • zhè chǎng bǐ sài tài jīng cǎi le


      This match is so wonderful!

  • 3; spot; scene

    • shì gù fā shēng shí wǒ zhèng hǎo zài chǎng


      I was right at the scene when the accident happened.

    • xiàn chǎng


    • dāng chǎng

      on the spot

  • 4

    n.(used for small section in one act) scene

    • dì yī mù dì sān chǎng

      Act I, Scene III

  • 5

    n.field; basic form of existence of matter characterized by energy, motion and quantity

    • cí chǎng

      magnetic field

    • diàn chǎng

      electric field

Words and phrases with 场

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  • Note
    "场" is different from "厂". "厂" means "the factory that conducts industrial production". The "场" of "农场", "林场" and "牧场" cannot be written as "厂".

Similar-form characters to 场

Chinese Characters with pinyin chǎng

  • house without walls with its roof propped up by posts; depot
  • spacious; be open/clear/uncrowded
  • long day; relaxed and easy
  • cloak