HCPS Textbook 1B

Chinese textbooks
Here are all the words you need to know in Higher Chinese for Primary School 1B.


shìaccident; work

jiànitem; letter

huìassemble; meet

body; body/mass

zuòget up; write

zuòdo; make


xiōngelder brother; elder male relative of the same generation

chōngthoroughfare; charge

jìngclean; make clean

dàoarrive; thoughtful

shuābrush; brush

qiánmove forward; front

dòngmove; budge

yòurepeatedly; also

shuāngpair; even


biànbecome different; change in nature or state

yòuright side; west

hòubehind; after

tīngheed; judge

chàngsing; cry

yuánround; circle

zuòbe seated; be punished

kuàichunk; piece

shēngsound; make a sound

nǎibreast; milk

jiěelder sister; woman of the same generation who is older than oneself

jiùcome near; undertake

zuǒthe left side; east

jīna piece of cloth

chuángbed; bed-shaped implement


kuàihurry up; pleased


xiǎngthink; want to

fánghouse; room

beat; break

bàobosom; carry in breast

wipe; rub something down

shícollect; put in order

shōuarrest; gain

fàngset free; give way to

zuìmost;number one

engine; aircraft

tiáotwig; long narrow piece

guǒfruit; result

zhuōdesk; tables of guests or dishes


sing; melody

mother; one's female elders

máohair; mildew


tānghot water; hot springs

father; male relative of a senior generation

father; grandfather

qiúball; ball sport

guāmelon;melon-shaped thing

yònguse; use

tiánfield; an area rich in reserves or deposits

yǎneye; small hole


chuān穿penetrate; pass

xiàosmile; ridicule

writing or drawing instrument; technique of writing, calligraphy or drawing

rice; shelled or husked seed

hóngred; red cloth, bunting, etc. used on festive occasions

ròumeat; pulp

liǎnface; facial expression

expression; scene

càivegetable; food

chónginsect; person with a certain kind of undesirable quality

rànggive way; trade in


dòubeans; an ancient stemmed cup or bowl

shēnbody; life

biānside; edge

guòcross; after

jìnmove ahead; get into

dōuall; even

zhǎnggrow; older

cháng duǎn长短length; right and wrong

qīngblue or green; black

miànfront part of the head; towards

fēifly; flutter

fàncooked cereals; meal

bǎohave eaten one's fill; full

è饿hungry; starve

xiāngfragrant; savoury

gāotall; height

chicken; prostitute


pàobubble; something shaped like a bubble

zhōngcentre; in

liángcool; discouraged

serve; convince

pǎorun; walk

jiānspace between; within a definite time or space

gānshield; a surname