Yu Wen Grade 1(B)

Chinese textbooks
Here are all the words you need to know in Yu Wen Grade 1(B).

wànten thousand; vast number

zhǔhost; owner

shìaccident; work

each other

jǐngwell; something in the shape of a well

jīngcapital of a country; short for Beijing

qīnparents; relative

lìngorder; order

huǒgroup of ten soldiers; partner

bàncompanion; keep somebody company

bǎodefend; keep

zuòdo; make

enrol; income

zàitwice; recur

bīngfeel cold from contact with cold things; ice

dòngfreeze; feel very cold

jìngclean; make clean

dòngmove; budge

quèdrive back; decline

antiquity; a form of pre-Tang poetry

jiàocry; call

chīeat; eat

each/every; respectively

Wu, a kingdom in the Zhou Dynasty , covering parts of modern Jiangsu, Anhui and Zhejiang provinces; Kingdom of Wu, one of the Three Kingdoms , established by Sun Quan, covering the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River and southeastern coastal areas of China

chuīblow or puff with the mouth; play

gàoreport; inform

zhōucircumference; move round

be delighted/pleased; occasion for celebration

yīndepend/count on; carry on

shìbachelor; intelligentsia

tàihighest; extreme

jiācarry something under one's arm; press from both sides

xìngone's surname is; surname

sūnson's son; relatives of the same generation as one's grandchildren

ānsecure; calm

guāngovernment official; organ

hàievil; harmful

chángtaste; try

mat; seat

chánglaw and order; regular pattern

guǎng广broad; numerous

zhāngdraw; tense

wàngforget; overlook

mángbusy; hurry

be afraid of; be unable to bear

qíngfeeling; love

xiǎngthink; want to

zhànengage in war; battle

protect; be partial to

jiēcome close to; connect


nuǎnwarm; warm up

plum; plum tree

cūnvillage; rustic

yàngshape; sample

mènghallucinatory experience that occurs during sleep when part of the cerebral cortex is still in action;dream


máohair; mildew

shìsurname; form of address for a married woman after her surname

chípool; moat

qīngunmixed; silent

wēnlukewarm; temperature

yóuswim; rove around

wángking; highest rank of nobility in feudal times

tiánsweet; happy

diànlightning; electricity

bìngdisease; fall ill

xiāngmutually; indicating an action performed by one person toward another

yǎneye; small hole


chúnpure; purely

luòfall; go/come down

yánspeech; character

rànggive way; trade in

tell; complain

qǐngrequest; invite

zhàoone of the states of the Zhou Dynasty; a surname

inclination; interest

road; journey

zhèthis; this

sòngaccompany somebody to his destination; give

meet; treat

dàoroad; channel

qiáncopper coin; money

méndoor; something that opens and shuts

yángsun; the masculine or positive principle in nature

yīnovercast; shade

zhènbattle array; battle

jiàngdrop; reduce

léithunder; mine

shuāngfrost; white

fēimistake; object to

miànfront part of the head; towards

yáncolour; face

piāowave to and fro; unsteady

xiāngfragrant; savoury

zhuàngstrong; magnificent

gāishould; will

zhǒngseed; species

guānlook; sight