Yu Wen Grade 2(A)

Chinese textbooks
Here are all the words you need to know in Yu Wen Grade 2(A).

cóngcrowd together; clump

xiūrest; stop

bàngdraw near; be close to

jūnarmy; army

nóngagriculture; peasant

prick; assassinate

huàchange; melt

hàocall; transmit

yuángarden; a place for public recreation

chart; draw

huàibecome or make bad; spoil

tángdyke; pond

pot; used for vessels

bèibe equipped with; prepare

tàocover; overlap

as; according to

sister-in-law; mother's sister

nèndelicate; green

kǒnghole; used for oil wells, kilns, cave dwellings, etc.

the fourth or youngest among brothers; end of a period/an era

shǒukeep watch;observe

kuānwide; breadth


house; inner room

fānsail; sailboat

màoheadgear; cap-like cover for something

bottom; ins and outs

guīgo back; return something to

drape over one's shoulder; open

zhǐfinger; point at


brigade; forces

shàishine upon/on; dry in the sun

shānChina fir

sōngpine; slack

the utmost point; do one's best


bǎicedar; a surname

guìcassia; sweet osmanthus

tóngpaulownia; Chinese parasol

sāngwhite mulberry; a surname


Chinese parasol

zhíplant; set up

huǐdestroy; burn up

shēndeep; profound

yānflood; be tingling from sweat

small stream

tānbeach; shoal

drip; drop

huīash; dust

língfairy; spirit

zhàexplode; blast

láoenclosure for animals; sacrificial animal

měngfierce; energetic

cāiguess; speculate

jiāngborder; dividing line

dēngascend; publish

leave; go against

dàorice; seeds of rice

guǎntube; wind instrument

grain; of grainlike things

rough; wide

fēnnumerous; chaos

xiángcircle in the air; detailed

cuìemerald green; kingfisher

nàibe able to bear

féifat; fertile

nǎobrain; brains



miáoyoung plant; offspring

used as a component of 蝴蝶


dàibag; used for pipe smoking

zhuāngclothes; luggage


record; remember

shíhave a sense of; know

used as a component of 吐谷浑

yuèjump over; go through

yíngmeet; meet face to face

zhēnneedle; needle-like things


yínsilver; relating to currency or money

jǐnbrocade; bright and beautiful

duìa row of people; team


quèsparrow; surname

yànwild goose

xióngmale; powerful or influential person

kàolean against; stand by the side of


dǐngpeak; carry on the head


màia general term for wheat, barley, etc.; wheat

drum; drum-like


chǎngplace used for a particular purpose; site

bēnrun quickly; escape in a hurry