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  • 1

    v.charge; rush; dash; dart; storm; make a swift charge in one direction and break through a barrier

    • tā chōng xiàng dí rén zhèn dì


      He charged at the enemy's position.

    • hóng jūn chōng chū chóng wéi


      The Red Army rushed out of the encirclement.

    • tā chōng jìn zháo huǒ de fáng zi jiù chū le liǎng gè xiǎo hái


      He dashed into the burning house and rescued two children.

  • 2

    v.rinse; flush

    • tā yòng shuǐ chōng pái shuǐ gōu


      He flushed the drain.

    • yòng shuǐ bǎ wǎn chōng gān jìng


      Rinse the bowl.

    • biàn hòu chōng shuǐ


      Flush the toilet after use.

  • 3

    v.clash; collide

    • chōng fàn


    • chōng tū


    • chōng zhuàng


  • 4

    n.thoroughfare; important place

    • shǒu dāng qí chōng

      bear the brunt

  • 5

    v.pour boiling water on

    • chōng jī dàn


      pour boiling water into a bowl of raw egg

    • chōng chá

      make tea

  • 6

    v.counterbalance; counteract; offset; cancel out

    • chōng xǐ

      save a patient's life by giving him a wedding to counteract bad luck

    • chōng zhàng

      strike a balance

  • 7

    n.dialstretch of flatland in a hilly area

    • chōng tián

      cultivated level land in hilly areas

    • sháo shān chōng

      Shaoshan Terrace

    • fān guò shān jiù yǒu yī gè hěn dà de chōng

      There's an expanse of level land on the other side of the mountain.

  • 8

    n.opposition; situation of two heavenly bodies when their longitudes or right ascensions differ by 180 degrees

    • dà chōng

      favourable opposition

Words and phrases with 冲

  • 冲泡
  • 冲走
    [word]wash away
  • 冲田
    [word]paddy fields or other cultivated lands in hilly areas, with a relatively level topography
  • 冲销
    [word]charge against
  • 冲浪板
  • 冲断
  • 冲洗
    [word]rinse; develop
  • 冲刷
    [word]scour; erode
  • 冲顶
    [word]jump up to head the ball in a football match; scale the summit
  • 冲口而出
    [idiom]say something unthinkingly
  • 冲昏头脑
    [idiom]have one's head turned
  • 冲锋陷阵
    [idiom]charge the enemy line; fight heroically/valiantly for a just cause

Similar-form characters to 冲

Chinese Characters with pinyin chōng

  • sufficient; fill
  • branch of a river
  • indecisive; muddle-headed
  • anxious
  • pestle