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    n.fmldawn; daybreak; morning

    • tā tōng xiāo dá dàn

      He gets throughout the whole night until the dawn.

    • wǒ men zuò yǐ dài dàn


      We sit and wait up until dawn.

    • yī shēng gào su wǒ nà wèi lǎo rén mìng zài dàn xī le


      The doctor told me that the old man might go off any time.

  • 2


    • yuán dàn

      New Year's Day

    • yī dàn

      a day

  • 3

    n.the female character type in Beijing opera, etc.

    • chàng lǎo dàn

      play the role of a laodan in an opera

  • 4

    n.abbrdenier (a unit of fineness for fibres); abbreviation for 旦尼尔

Words and phrases with 旦

  • 旦角儿
    [word]female character types in Chinese operas
  • 旦尼尔
  • 旦角
    [word]referring in particular to such Peking Opera roles as qingyi and huadan
  • 旦夕祸福
    [word]unexpected good or bad fortune
  • 旦旦
    [word]every day
  • 旦暮
    [word]morning and evening; brief span of time
  • 旦夕
    [word]morning or evening
  • 旦夕之间
    [idiom]between morning and evening
  • 旦旦而伐
    [idiom]chop one's vitality day by day

Similar-form characters to 旦

Chinese Characters with pinyin dàn

  • only; but
  • egg; an egg-shaped thing
  • tasteless; thin
  • pellet; shell
  • give birth to; birthday