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    v.get; obtain; gain

    • tā dé le mǎn fēn


      She got full marks.

    • wǒ dé le gāo fēn

      I got the highest score.

    • tā dé le yī dà bǐ qián

      He obtained a large sum of money.

    • dé guàn jūn


      win the championship

  • 2

    v.fmlbe satisfied

    • zì dé

      pleased with oneself

    • yáng yáng dé yì

      be very pleased

  • 3

    v.dial(used before verbs to express permission or possibility, usually in the negative)

    • kù fáng zhòng dì bù dé rù nèi


      The warehouse is an important place and shall not be entered.

  • 4; suit

    • dé yòng

      fit for use

    • dé tǐ

      appropriate to the occasion

  • 5

    v.infmlbe finished

    • wǎn fàn dé le


      Dinner is ready.

    • yī fu hái méi zuò dé


      The clothes are not finished.

  • 6

    v.infml(used to express helplessness or frustration)

    • dé yòu nòng cuò le


      Look! I've got it wrong again!

  • 7

    v.infml(used in ending a statement to indicate agreement or prohibition)

    • dé le bié shuō le

      That's enough.

  • 8

    v.infml(of a calculation) result in; equal

    • sān sān dé jiǔ

      Three times three is nine.

    • èr sān dé liù

      Two times three equals six.

  • 9

    v.contract/catch (a disease)

    • dé zhì chuāng


      have piles

    • dé bìng

      fall ill

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  • Note
    When pronounced as "dé" in spoken language, "得" means completion; when pronounced as "děi", it has a strong spoken language style, meaning "it must and will be", such as "我得走了".

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  • moral character; heart
  • technetium