Zhong wen 2

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Vocabulary of Zhong wen 2.

yī dìng一定fixed; constant

xià wǔ下午afternoon

not; used to reply in the negative

shūwrite; style of calligraphy

qīn ài亲爱dear

jīnnow; of today

jīn tiān今天today; now

use; because of

yǐ hòu以后after

zuòdo; make

xiānfirst; earlier

guāndoor bolt; shut

zàitwice; recur

zàitwice; recur

zài jiàn再见goodbye

xiěwrite; compose

noon; the seventh of the twelve Earthly Branches

yǒuhaving friendly relations; be on good terms with

jiàocry; call

maparticle used at the end of an interrogative sentence; used within a sentence to mark a pause before introducing the theme of what one is going to say

tīngheed; judge

tīngheed; judge

tīng huà听话listen to; be obedient or docile

gàoreport; inform

gào su告诉tell

be delighted/pleased; occasion for celebration

xǐ huan喜欢like; happy

zàiexist; join or belong to an organization

her; reference to something beloved, such as one's motherland and national flag

son and daughter; person

character; courtesy name


hái zi孩子child; children

shìroom; Shi

duìanswer; treat

duì bu qǐ对不起sorry; be unworthy of

yǐ jīng已经already

kāi xīn开心happy; amuse oneself at one's expense

xīnheart; mind

xīnheart; mind

wǒ men我们we; I

pull; haul

pāibeat; beat

take; seize

fàngset free; give way to

fàng xué放学classes are over

fàng xīn放心rest assured; have confidence in

jiāoinstruct; religion

jiàoteach; ask

jiào shì教室classroom

xīngstar; celestial body that emits or reflects light in the space, including stars , planets , satellites , comets, shooting stars, etc.

xīng qī星期week; day of the week

péngfriend; gang up with

péng you朋友friend; boy/girl friend

make an appointment; term

běnstem or root of plants; original

běnstem or root of plants; original

běn zi本子book; edition

běn lǐng本领ability


sing; melody

hànthe Galaxy; Han Dynasty

hàn zì汉字Chinese character

hàn yǔ汉语Chinese

méinot have; be without

méi guān xi没关系doesn't matter

yònguse; use

yònguse; use


huà jiā画家artist


zhī dào知道be aware of

xiàosmile; ridicule

writing or drawing instrument; technique of writing, calligraphy or drawing

tie; series

record; remember

jiǎngspeak; as far as something is concerned

tell; complain

huàword; talk about

speak; language

qǐngrequest; invite

qǐngrequest; invite

read aloud/out; read


xièresign; decline

xiè xie谢谢thank you

rise; remove

tiàojump; bounce

háistill; also

that; that thing

dōuall; even

inside; inner

wènask; ask after

lǐngneck; collar

chicken; prostitute

yīng wén英文English

zhǎng dà长大grow up

huà huà r画画儿draw a picture

pǎorun; walk

měi tiān每天every day