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6 textbooks for the high school students or adult study Chinese.

one; another

seven; a Chinese custom to hold a memorial service on every 7th day following a person's death until the 49th day

wànten thousand; vast number

sānthree; more than two

shànghigh place; high grade or high quality

shàng wǔ上午morning

xiàdown; under

xià wǔ下午afternoon

not; used to reply in the negative

liǎngtwo; both sides

used before nouns without fixed measure words of their own; used between a verb and its object

zhōng wǔ中午noon

happy; enjoy

jiǔnine; many

also; as well

leused to indicate anticipated or assumed action

èrdifferent; two

five; a note of the scale in gongchepu, corresponding to 6 in numbered musical notation

shén me什么what; something

jīnnow; of today

jīn tiān今天today; now

you; one

eight; eighth

liùa note of the scale in gongchepu, corresponding to 5 in numbered musical notation; six

how many; a few

chūproceed from inside to outside; appear

chū shēng出生be born

fēnseparate; distribute

engrave; a quarter

shíten; topmost

qiānthousand; a great amount/number of

noon; the seventh of the twelve Earthly Branches

bànhalf; halfway

yǒuhaving friendly relations; be on good terms with

jiàocry; call

hàocall; transmit

míngname; give a name

míng zi名字given name; title

maparticle used at the end of an interrogative sentence; used within a sentence to mark a pause before introducing the theme of what one is going to say


four; note in the Chinese gongchepu scale

zàiexist; join or belong to an organization

duōmuch; exceed the expected/intended quantity

big; heavy

tiānsky; day

sister-in-law; mother's sister

character; courtesy name

suìyear; year

niánharvest; year

nián jí年级grade

kuàihurry up; pleased

kuài lè快乐happy

self; one

wǒ men我们we; I

sun; daytime

zǎomorning; good morning

zǎo shang早上morning

míngbright; sight

míng tiān明天tomorrow; the near future

xīngstar; celestial body that emits or reflects light in the space, including stars , planets , satellites , comets, shooting stars, etc.

xīng qī星期week; day of the week

xīng qī tiān星期天Sunday

xīng qī rì星期日Sunday

zuóyesterday; the past

zuó tiān昨天yesterday; the past

shìthis; yes

wǎnevening; late

wǎn shang晚上night

yuèthe moon; month

péngfriend; gang up with

péng you朋友friend; boy/girl friend

make an appointment; term

plum; plum tree

diǎnspot; dot stroke

wángking; highest rank of nobility in feudal times

xiànshow; present

xiàn zài现在the moment

shēng rì生日birthday

tiánfield; an area rich in reserves or deposits

bǎihundred; all

deused to indicate a modifying and modified relationship

zhùexpress good wishes; cut off

level; grade

jiànsee; meet

xièresign; decline

xiè xie谢谢thank you


língnought; zero

horse; horse, one of the pieces in Chinese chess

shēnggive birth to; be born

yī qiān一千a thousand

yī bǎi一百one hundred

jiǔ yuè九月September; the ninth month of the lunar year

liǎng diǎn两点deuce

zhōngcentre; in


hǎogood; friendly

chàdiffer from; be less than

duō dà多大how old

bā rì八日eight days