fā dāi

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  • v.stare blankly; (be) stupefied

    • tā wàng zhe yuǎn chù fā dāi


      He stares into the distance as if in a trance.

    • tā yě bù shuō huà zuò zài nà lǐ fā dāi


      She said nothing but sat there staring blankly.

    • tā dīng zhe qiáng bì fā dāi


      She stared blankly at the wall.

    • fā dāi de nà ge yàng zi


      as if in a daze

Word usage

  • "发" and "呆" can be combined as one word, or be used separately with other elements inserted.
    • 院子

      He was sitting in the yard in a trance.

    • 一会儿

      He has been in a trance for a while.

    • 什么

      Why are you in a trance?

Chinese words with pinyin fa dai