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  • 1

    v.leave; part from; separate

    • shuǐ shǒu men huò zhǔn lí chuán shàng àn


      The sailors were given shore leave.

    • tā lí jiā yǐ jīng duō nián le


      She's been away from home for many years.

    • zhàn shì shǒu bù lí qiāng


      A soldier's hand doesn't leave his gun.

  • 2 at a distance from

    • lí wǒ men chū fā hái yǒu shí tiān


      There are ten days left before we go.

    • tǐ yù guǎn lí wǒ men xué xiào hěn yuǎn


      The gymnasium is far away from our school.

    • gōng gòng qì chē zhàn lí yī yuàn hěn jìn


      The bus stop is not far from the hospital.

  • 3

    v.dispense with; go without; be independent of

    • zhè shì lí le nǐ bù xíng

      It won't do without you.

  • 4, one of the Eight Diagrams; (refer to 八卦)

Words and phrases with 离

  • 离心
    [word]be at odds with the community or the leadership; be centrifugal
  • 离谱
    [word]go beyond/exceed what is proper
  • 离开
  • 离婚
    [word]break up/dissolve a marriage
  • 离骚
    [word]Lisao, one of the works by Qu Yuan
  • 离线
    [word]be offline
  • 离婚率
    [word]divorce rate
  • 离港
    [word]leave the airport; leave the harbour or port
  • 离岸
    [word]be off from the shore; offshore
  • 离合悲欢
    [idiom]Life is intermingled with joy and sorrow.
  • 离心离德
  • 离题万里
    [idiom]stray ten thousand li from the subject
  • 离经叛道
    [idiom]depart from the classics and rebel against orthodoxy
  • 离乡背井
    [idiom]leave one's native place
  • 离弦走板
    [idiom]depart/deviate from the generally acknowledged norms of conduct
  • 离群索居
    [idiom]live in solitude
  • 离鸾别凤
    [idiom]estranged/separated couple
  • 离情别绪
    [idiom]sorrows of parting

Similar-form characters to 离

Chinese Characters with pinyin

  • black; numerous
  • the least; a unit of interest rate, equal to 0.1% monthly interest, or 1% annual interest
  • pear
  • leopard cat; yellow weasel
  • plough; work with a plough